Blond Absolu Cicanuit Overnight Recovery Serum

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This Hyaluronic Acid infused overnight serum is a lightweight leave-in formula ideal for all types of blondes. Highly concentrated in Hyaluronic Acid and infused with precious Edelweiss, the serum erases 55% of bleaching damage overnight for a 74% more hydrated and 89% stronger blonde hair. Its cream-in-gel texture is a shield against pillow friction, breakage and split ends for a beautiful, stronger hair the next morning. Applied at night on lengths and ends, this lightweight texture is quickly absorbed. Wake up to a healthier, softer and stronger blonde.

- Erases 55% of bleaching damage
- Leaves hair 74% more hydrated
- Intensively nourishes and softens blonde hair
- Hair is 89% stronger
- Protects against pillow friction
- Seals fiber for 53% less split ends

- Use 2 to 4 pumps, depending on the length and thickness of the hair
- Apply on dry hair on the lengths and ends
- For application on wet hair, towel-dry hair before applying
- Style hair as desired overnight
- Leave in
- No rinse necessary

90 ml | 3.04 oz