Blond Absolu Bain Cicaextreme Shampoo-in-Cream

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Infused with Hyaluronic Acid, this post-bleaching procedure shampoo-in-cream provides an ultimate bathing experience for sensitized blonde hair. It's ultra soft, rich and creamy texture indulges hair in a highly sensorial dense foam, that cleanses without friction while providing intense hydration yet a lightweight fiber feeling. This breakthough shampoo-in-cream technology intensively moisturizes hair from root to tip, restoring and protecting blonde hair for a stronger and healthier fiber. Enriched with a powerful combination of Hyaluronic Acid Duo and Edelweiss Oil, the formula deeply replenishes and restore elasticity, repairing post-bleached hair for a stronger, more resistant, shinier blonde without frizz or split ends.

- Indulgent frictionless formula to gently cleanses sensitized hair.
- Strengthens hair by 94% when followed by the Masque Cicaextreme
- Hair is 51% more hydrated and 65% softer
- 40X more nutritive lipids versus our most caring shampoo
- Boost fiber elasticity and resistance to breakage
- Hair is 2X shinier

- Le Bain Cicaextreme Shampoo-in-Cream can be used in duo with Bain Ultra-Violet as a first caring shampoo or alone in two applications
- Apply to wet hair
- Add water to develop the rich dense foam
- Lather
- Rinse
- Repeat

250ml | 8.5 fl oz