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CDC Ammonia-Free Demi-Permanent Colouring Cream, 100ml

Compagnia Del Colore

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Gentle coloring treatment Coloring Cream with Papaya Complex™, whose main ingredient, Papain, is known for its multiple emollient, nourishing and conditioning properties. Gentle on the scalp and hair, this coloring cream without ammonia ensures perfect color with long lasting, glossy reflexes. The high quality of the Pure Micro Pigments contained in the formula makes this cream ideal for covering the first grey hair, for reviving the color and shine of natural hair, for toning streaks and contrasts and for re-pigmenting hair before using a permanent colour.

- Papaya Complex™ whose main element is the antioxidant, rejuvenating Papain, known for its nourishing, emmolient and conditioning properties

100ml | 3.4 fl oz