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CDC Activator & Oxidizing Creams

Compagnia Del Colore

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Compagnia del Colore Activator & Oxidizing Creams are an innovative professional coloration oxidation system that protects and nourishes hair during colour treatments, promoting excellent coverage of white hair and an uniform, long lasting cosmetic color pigmentation.

These advanced oxidation formulations are rich in conditioning and protective agents such as Cosmetic Glycerin and White Mineral Oil that keep hair soft, bright and hydrated during colouring or bleaching treatments.

A range composed by 5 Oxidants that, combined with Compagnia del Colore Coloring Creams, allow a cosmetic semi-permanent coloration that provides numerous shades. Their active principles protect the hair, leaving it soft and silky. They guarantee an optimal and even white hair coverage and a long-lasting colour. The hair will soft, shiny and vibrant colour. The whole line has an hypoallergenic fragrance that makes the application process pleasant for both the hair-stylist and the customer thanks to the Comfort Fragrance Technology.

- Contains active principles that protect the hair, leaving it soft and silky
- Suitable for all scalp types
- Rich in conditioning agents
- Free of allergens and parabens
- SLS and Thio free
- Available in 4 formulations

- Mix one part of Hair Color Cream and one part and a half of Oxidizing Cream

1000ml | 33.8 fl oz