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Chroma ID Bonding Colour Mask, 9.5-1 Ice, 250ml

Schwarzkopf Professional

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Schwarzkopf Professional's Chroma ID is Schwarzkopf's first customizable semi-permanent Bonding Color Masks with shades that match Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal colour line.

Chroma ID Bonding Color Mask is the the ideal product for colour refreshment of blunt lengths and tips. Schwarzkopf's Chroma ID will bring colour with shine to your hair all while enhancing the quality of the hair strand. Looking to explore your colour palette? All of Schwarzkopf Professional Chroma ID Bonding Color Masks can be combined together to create any shade that you or your client desires! Through the combining of Chroma ID mask shades with the Chroma ID Clear Bonding Mask pastel shades are able to be created.

Bonding Technology - enforces the structural bonds within the hair shaft for stronger hair with less breakage
Low Salt Technology - reduces the pigment penetration barrier, maximizing the availability of colour pigments entering the hair
Keratín a pantenol - provides extra care and outer cuticle sealing for improved hair quality

Chroma ID Bonding Color Masks are available in the following shades:
Ice – for anti-yellow effects on light blond, silver or white bases
Beige – for beige effects on light blond bases
Copper – for copper tones and refreshments on medium blond bases
Granite – for anti-orange effects on dark blond bases and cool tone directions
Ruby – for red tones and refreshments on dark blond bases
Clear – as a base for all pastel colours (to be intermixed with any of the Chroma ID intense Bonding Color Masks)

- Semi-permanent formula for an infinite array of colour options, without damage
- Unique technology provides intense care and hydration
- Improves overall hair quality
- Enhances and refreshes virgin, coloured or pre-lightened hair
- Provides refresh for dull mid-lengths and ends
- Ideal to correct colour results or neutralize brassy tones
- Allows creative toning/refreshing of mid-lengths and ends 
- Increase longevity of colours, to recover vibrancy and to keep optimal hair condition
- Bonding technology
- Lasts up to 12 shampoos
- Available in both retail and professional sizes

- Apply bonding mask to towel dry hair
- Apply evenly
- Let sit for up to 10 minutes checking on the colour periodically