Blond Absolu Huile Cicaextreme

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This all-star leave-in hair oil offers a deep treatment to post-bleached hair with heat protection for up to 230°. This lightweight serum strengthens sensitized post-bleached hair boosting its resistance to external aggressors and shine capital. It instantly seals raised cuticles and dramatically reduces split ends, nourishing the fiber from within. Hair is instantly strengthened up to 91% and 6X more shiny. Edelweiss Oil instantly smoothes, strengthens and softens hair while providing deep nutrition.

- Intensely hydrates and plumps fiber for a 91% stronger, more resistant blonde
- Reduces post-bleach sensibility and hair porosity
- Seals open scales and split ends for boosted softness and 6X shinier hair
- Protects hair from heat up to 230° 
- Provides 72h of frizz control

- Can be used on towel-dried hair before blow-dry or air-dry; as well as on dry hair
- Apply to 1-2 pumps to damp hair 
- Proceed to blow-dry or air-dry
- Apply 1 pump to dry hair on lengths and ends

100 ml | 3.4 oz